Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend News & Notes 9/28 - 9/30

If you've read the Car and Driver post on the winners from last weekend's 24 Hours of LeMons race at MSR Houston, then you already know that the Z-Wrecks Datsun 280ZX took the race's overall win and the Green Cornet team's Dodge Coronet captured the coveted Index of Effluency.

Here, watch a short video from the race courtesy of  TGTW Offroad's "Video Game Camera:"

The second-place BenzGay Mercedes 300E made a late charge past the Back to the Past 300ZX to take the runner-up position by just a few seconds. BenzGay led the LeMons race earlier this year at Texas World Speedway over Z-Wrecks, but trouble found the Teutonic luxo-barge and mechanical issues dropped them to a disappointing 25th.

Blue Goose's Class B victory, as noted by Murilee Martin, is the first class win of any kind for an Audi. Third-in-class Mostly Harmless Racing led overall at one point Saturday in their front-drive Mercury Capri, but the team ended the race ninth overall.

TARP Racing, featured in our race preview, took the Class C victory by just two laps.

Special mention need be made of John Walker and Hoonatic Racing for bringing the first electric-powered entry--a Datsun Roadster with a large battery of batteries--to a crapcan race. It lasted all of a lap or so, but it's not the first crazy idea to make only a single circuit in its initial outing.

As this was the final 2012 Gulf Region, the Regional Championship results are now clear. Sort of. Well, not really...

Before the green flag dropped Saturday, Team Lost in the Dark--who ran two entries at the region's previous race at ECR--led the Gulf with 23 points from two Top 10 finishes and nine entry points. Z-Wrecks came in with 16 points gained from a win and two entries.

Once again, Lost in the Dark entered two cars at MSR, so the six entry points gave them 29 for the Regional Championship. Lost in the Dark's 13th-place finish means they didn't earn any additional pionts.

Z-Wrecks--with only one entry worth three points--needed the 10 points from their second victory of the season to tie for the region lead. And win it, they did.

So, by our count, the Gulf Region's Top 3 are:

1. Z-Wrecks, 29 points
1. Team Lost in the Dark, 29 points
3. Pulp Friction, 22 points

There's nothing in the rules to address a tie, so we'll venture a guess that the region winner will be declared by complex formula taking into account Rust by Volume (RBV), Street Creds (SC) and Fiasco Ability of Incredible Lucidity (FAIL, a measure of spectacular explosivity).

At the previous LeMons race weekend at Carolina Motorsports Park, Hong Norrth's 1-2 finish gave them the championship in the Southern Region with 48 points, which was 32 more than second-place rbankracing, who held the spot by a single point over current East Region leaders Speedycop and His Gang of Outlaws.

Below are the finishing orders of the Top 10 overall and the Top 5 in B and C Classes.


1.   #58 Z-Wrecks [320 Laps] - Class A
2.   #609 Team BenzGay [317 Laps] - Class A
3.   #880 Back to the Past [317 Laps] - Class A
4.   #23 Team Blue Goose [312 Laps] - Class B
5.   #46 MetroSexual [307 Laps] - Class B
6.   #35 LRE [299 Laps] - Class A
7.   #249 Redneck Debacle [299 Laps] - Class A
8.   #11 Property Devaluation Racing [298 Laps] - Class A
9.   #142 Mostly Harmless Racing [ 295 Laps] - Class B
10.  #88 Team Viagra [295 Laps] - Class A

1.  #23 Team Blue Goose B - 312 Laps
2.  #46 MetroSexual - 307 Laps
3.  #142 Mostly Harmless Racing - 295 Laps
4.  #34 ApexVinyl Fillmore - 282 Laps
5.  #75 Pflugerville Pflamers - 280 Laps

1.  #67 TARP Racing - 259 Laps
2.  #33 ApexVinyl Mater - 257 Laps
3.  #12 Speedy Monzales - 218 Laps
4.  #77 Wetland American Racing - 217 Laps
5.  #72 Team Sensory Assault B - 190 Laps

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