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Weekend News & Notes: 10/5 - 10/7

When Nelson Ledges Road Course first held its Longest Day in 1980, the format was a 24-hour race sanctioned by the SCCA. When the SCCA abandoned the 24-hour race after 2008, crapcan racing soon filled the niche as a spiritual successor with near-showroom-stock racing (albeit maybe 20 years delayed).

This past weekend, ChumpCar World Series hosted its second Longest Day with a twist: Instead of a 24-hour race, race organizers endeavored to make it longer than NASA's 25 Hours of Thunderhill. At 25 hours, 25 minutes and 25 seconds, the Longer Longest Day is the world's longest endurance race.

When the checkered flag flew Sunday at 11:25 a.m., the Fox-body Mercury Cougar of Tiger's Wood PGA Racing had logged 993 laps around Nelson Ledges to take the overall win. With the course's two-mile length, the Cougar logged approximately 1,986 miles.

Team Jager Bombs 1's Mazda RX-7 finished second, just nine laps behind the Cougar. Finishing on the podium was the Skidmark Posse II's Honda Prelude in third place. The Prelude skated onto the podium in the race's last hour from fifth place.

Rounding out the Top Five were the Go Grass or Pass RX-7 (run by members of Grand-Am's Team Sahlen) and uber-crapcan-veterans Latch-Key Kids' Dodge Neon.

At the race's end, only about half of the 49 entries were still running.

Click here for the full results.

ChumpCar World Series Longer Longest Day (Nelson Ledges): 

1. #7 Tiger's Wood PGA Racing - 993 Laps - Mercury Cougar
2. #95 Team Jager Bombs 1 - 984 Laps - Mazda RX-7
3. #30 Skidmark Posse II - 957 Laps - Honda Prelude
4. #51 Go Grass or Pass - 956 Laps - Mazda RX-7
5. #71 Latch-Key Kids - 945 Laps - Dodge Neon

Fourteen hundred miles away, CCWS also held a Double-7 weekend at Harris Hill Road, the False Start Fandango.

The Pies and Fries car fell just short of winning with two second-place finishes, each on the same lap as the winner.

Saturday found the Don't Tread on Me Mazda Miata--their first of the year after three second-place finishes--racked up 216 laps for the win. The Nismorons' Nissan 240SX finished third behind Pies and Fries.

On Sunday, Looney Toons' Ford Mustang took the victory--their third ever--over Pies and Fries. Team Dungcar's Miata landed on the podium's last spot.

Click here for the first race's results and here for Sunday's race.

CCWS False Start Fandango, Race 1 (Harris Hill Road)

1. #43 Don't Tread on Me - 216 Laps
2. #55 Pies and Fries - 216 Laps
3. #82 Nismorons - 215 Laps
4. #17 Camoflesh - 211 Laps
5.  #71 Loose Screw Racing - 210 Laps

CCWS False Start Fandango, Race 2 (Harris Hill Road)

1. #11 Looney Toons - 248 Laps
2. #55 Pies and Fries - 248 Laps
3. #40 Team Dungcar - 246 Laps
4. #82 Nismorons - 246 Laps
5. #17 Camoflesh - 243 Laps

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