Monday, August 6, 2012

Ill-Advised Life Swaps

Pardon us while we break move into a new Office.

If you've been wondering about our conspicuous absence over the last few weeks, we've been busy beating back the beast called "Life" and trying to get caught up on sleep and preparation before the arrival of the newest member of The Rusty Hub family.

While the poorly worded post title suggests that we here at the Hub are undergoing ill-advised changes, we are instead experiencing the turmoil and constantly-barely-evaded castastrophe that comes when--against all better judgment--you've elected to move Rusty Hub World Headquarters™ during your wife's ninth month of pregnancy. As such, we've been swamped with discarding boxes full of useful things and stacking in our closets boxes full of the crap we instead elected to keep while at the same time preparing for a hoon-tastic hustle to the hospital.

But we're not done here; once we get moved and settled into a schedule with our darling daughter, I'll be back to mashing the keys regularly so the crapcan masses can have their Brakes o' Fire® and Flakes o' Rust® for breakfast.

In the meantime, look for the odd post here and there, but be sure to follow us on Twitter here and "Like" our Facebook page here. We'll be posting on both sites regularly with series-related updates and with other assorted Internet detritus.