Monday, July 15, 2013

ChumpCar Nelson Ledges: Results

We missed live updates on ChumpCar World Series' Shortest Longest Day at Nelson Ledges Road Course last Saturday, but it appears to have been yet another very competitive long-form (14 hours) race with a trio of experienced teams outlasting the competition to stand on the podium.

The super-fast V6-swapped Toyota MR2 from MR2 Biohazard took the overall lead early on Lap 88 and never looked back, remaining in P1 for the race's final 460 laps, giving the fast MR2 its second win of all time and second podium of the season.

Maybe the biggest story of the race, however, was the appearance of the Will Race for Beer Saab 9-5, perhaps better known as the team that ran almost perfectly for 35 hours and 55 minutes of the previous weekend's 36 hours race in Spokane. Yes, the RBank Racing squad came back for more and finished P2 for the second week in a row.

To summarize: RBank Racing/Will Race for Beer finished second in two races--totaling 50 race hours--held just six days apart at two tracks almost 2,200 miles away from each other. That's legendary.

Rounding off the podium were recent winners of 24 Hours of LeMons' Capitol Offense at Summit Point, Ghetto Motorsports in their Mazda RX-7.

Racing Strong, the second V6-swapped Toyota MR2 in the field, edged out MR2 Biohazard for the race's fastest lap with a 1:19.560.

Get the full MyLaps standings here.


1. #381 MR2 Biohazard (Toyota MR2) - 548 Laps
2. #184 RBank Racing (Saab 9-5) - 542 Laps
3. #556 Ghetto Motorsports (Mazda RX-7) - 534 Laps
4. #12 Chumpty Dumpty (BMW E30) - 530 Laps
5. #141 Go Grass or Pass (Mazda RX-7) - 523 Laps
6. #79 Racing Strong (Toyota MR2) - 509 Laps
7. #193 Lucky Monkey Racing (Acura Integra) - 503 Laps
8. #71 SMAC Motorsporst (BMW E36) - 500 Laps
9. #146 Broke Racing Effluence (Datsun 260Z) - 490 Laps
10. #127 Flat on One Side (Nissan 240SX) - 482 Laps

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