Saturday, May 11, 2013

Loudon Annoying: Day 1 Standings

After a soggy day of 24 Hours of LeMons racing at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, last year's Loudon Annoying winner Bill Danger leads the race by three laps over the Keystone Kops' V8-swapped Volvo 240 coupe.

Here is the unofficial Top 10 after eight hours of racing:


1. #106 Bill Danger (Honda Accord) - 273 Laps
2. #242 Keystone Kops (Volvo 240/V8 Swap) - 270 Laps
3. #281 Silver Errors/Ziegel Scheissehaus (Mercedes 190E) - 266 Laps
4. #78 Team Death Race (BMW E28) - 262 Laps
5. #745 Fast Al's Race Team (Volvo 740) - 261 Laps, Class B Leader
6. #84 Walk of Shame Racing (BMW E36) - 259 Laps, Fastest Lap Setter
7. #99 FRS's Ugly Uncle (Toyota Camry Solara) - 259 Laps
8. #71 Near-Orbital Space Monkeys (Ford Mustang) - 259 Laps
9. #5 Team Apres Ski Racing (Acura Integra) - 259 Laps, Class B
10.  #26 Team Pro Crash Duh Nation (Alfa Romeo Milano) - 253 Laps

Of interest is that each car in the Top 10 is a different make and that P6 through P9 will begin Sunday on the same lap.

Also of interest: Three Volvos we expected to remain in the Top 10 have suffered misfortuntes. The Swedish Mafia Racing Volvo 240 set the race's fourth-fastest lap before its engine called it quits on Lap 13, while the Volvo 262 Bertone couple of Vermont Bert-One rear-ended its Swedish stablemate, Keystone Kops veteran Volvo 244.


1. #745 Fast Al's Race Team (Volvo 740) - 261 Laps
2. #5 Team Apres Ski Racing (Acura Integra) - 259 Laps
3. #2 Lemontarians (Dodge Neon) - 248 Laps
4. #555 Maine Dental Association (Chevy Cavalier) - 245 Laps
5. #111 Team Placebo (Subaru Impreza) - 234 Laps

Class C

1. #43 Three Pedal Mafia (Triumph TR7) - 239 Laps
2. #42 Three Pedal Mafia (Chevy S10/BOAT) - 236 Laps
3. #34 Full Nelson (Saab 96) - 226 Laps
4. #116 Chev-itte Where the Sun Don't Shine (Chevy Chevette) - 183 Laps
5. #92 Team Waahmbulance (Dodge Daytona) - 162 Laps

We're not surprised to see Internet Crapcan Grandmasters Nonpareil Three Pedal Mafia atop C, but we are surprised to see Full Nelson--who dispatched the 96's two-stroke motor for a three-cylinder Geo Metro powerplant, a surprisingly hearty power boost--hanging with them.

With a long way to go on Sunday, we'd have to say it's anybody's race and we'll see if the important questions get answered:

Will Bill Danger's fuel-sipping Accord be able to hold off the Keystone Kops' V8 rocketship?

Can Three Pedal Mafia be the first 1-2 finishers in Class C?

Will the predictions we made Thursday turn out to be complete crap?

Where did I set down that block of cheese I was eating three weeks ago? I can smell it, but I just can't find it...

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