Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Eagles Canyon Wrap-Up

The race is long over and Judge Phil has written about the winners here, so give them a round of applause for not blowing up. Or for blowing up, whichever the case may be.

Let's take a slightly deeper look at the field.


1. Model T GT (Ford Model T) - 338 Laps
2. Rolling Chicane Racing (Honda Civic) - 324 Laps
3. Mostly Harmless Racing (Mercury Capri) - 318 Laps, Class B Winner
4. Back to the Past (Nissan 300ZX) - 317 Laps
5. TGTW Offroad Racing A (Jeep Cherokee) - 314 Laps, Class B
6. Team Viagra (Lexus SC400) - 307 Laps
7. Norfolk and Chance (Acura Integra) - 305 Laps
8. DB Cooper Saloon, Jobo Racing (Mazda 626) - 303 Laps
9. Tetanus Racing A (Dodge Neon) - 300 Laps, Class B
10.  Team Toxic Waste (Pontiac Firebird) - 296 Laps

The top six teams were all teams we predicted to either compete for the overall or class win and they did not disappoint, nor did Tetanus Racing, whose Neon ran another solid race to capture a Top 10 finish.

We should make special mention of the Rolling Chicane Racing squad, whose second place finish is magnificent, considering their previous best was sixth place at a sparsely attended Grand Bayou race.

Back to the Past made a strong push for a podium on Sunday after a disappointing Saturday left them out of contention for an overall win. They came up a lap short but finished with a strong fourth place.

Team Viagra took another step toward proving that Lexus inadvertently built some superior endurance racing machines in the early 1990s.

The Norfolk and Chance Integra, which we think may have been a first-time entry, quietly finished seventh overall, sneaking into the Top 10 on Sunday.

Jobo Racing's Mazda reached as high as third place Sunday behind Rolling Chicane before some minor setbacks dropped them down the running order. Keep an eye on this squad in future races.

Tenth, 11th and 12th places all finished on the same lap. Team Toxic Waste eeked past the Geezer Escort Service squad in the last few minutes to finish with the last Top 10 spot by less than 10 seconds while the Team JB Weld Pontiac Grand Prix finished less than a minute out of the Top 10.

For Team Toxic Waste, that's a fantastic result at a track that has not been kind to pony cars in the past. As an added bonus, they beat out the best of the many Fox bodies with Screamin' Brakes landing their Mustang in 13th place.


1. Mostly Harmless Racing (Mercury Capri) - 318 Laps,
2. TGTW Offroad Racing A (Jeep Cherokee) - 314 Laps
3. Tetanus Racing A (Dodge Neon) - 300 Laps
4. Geezer Escort Service (Ford Escort) - 296 Laps, 11th Place Overall
5. Team JB Weld Lemon Cab Co. - 296 Laps, 12th Place Overall

Class B finished strong in the overall standings, taking almost half of the first 12 positions.  

TGTW started Sunday with a one lap advantage over Mostly Harmless, but the Capri's outright pace led it to the front of the class after about an hour of racing and it never looked back. This gives the Capri class wins in both Class C (MSR Houston, June 2011) and in Class B. With a third place overall finish, it's conceivable that Mostly Harmless could be the first team to win A, B and C classes.

TGTW scored their third Top 10 finish in five races, but a Class B win has thus far eluded them.


1. TGTW Offroad Racing B (Jeep Comanche) - 273 Laps
2. Team Gravy Racing (Porsche 914) - 252 Laps
3. Speedy Monzales (Chevy Monza) - 245 Laps
4. Tetanus Racing B (Plymouth Reliant) - 163 Laps
5. Piston Broke Racing (Eagle Talon) - 100 Laps

The slowest class was really a three-horse race with TGTW's Comanche leading the way in Class C almost wire to wire. Speedy Monzales suffered through some mechanical issues and was gaining ground on Team Gravy late Sunday.

And now, let us have a song of celebration:

Check back later this week for a preview of this upcoming weekend's race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

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