Sunday, May 5, 2013

Eagles Canyon: Day 2 Preview

As we predicted, one team would be competing for the win in two classes. However, it is neither the Tetanus Racing nor Lost in the Dark squads that we'd anticipated. Rather, TGTW Offroad Racing leads Class B with their solidly prepared Cherokee and the team's first-timer Comanche pickup tops Class C despite having only one functioning forward gear in its transmission.

If TGTW hangs on to win B and C, they would be the first team to win two classes at the same race.

In one of our more lucid moments, we also predicted the Model T GT could run away with the race. The Model T GT ended Saturday's long race session in first place, although the Miagra squad gave them a good dice for most of the day until they lost a motor with just a few minutes left in the day. After 10 minutes of green flag racing Sunday, the Miagra has yet to take to the track.

While no lead can really be considered "comfortable" in crapcan racing, the T GT begins the day with an 11-lap advantage over longshot second-placers Rolling Chicane Racing in their veteran Civic.

OVERALL (End of Saturday)

1. Model T GT (Ford Model T) - 214 Laps
2. Miagra (Mazda Miata) - 206 Laps
3. Rolling Chicane Racing (Honda Civic) - 204 Laps
4. DB Cooper Saloon - Jobo Racing (Mazda MX-6) - 200 Laps
5. TGTW Offroad Racing A (Jeep Cherokee) - 198 Laps, Class B Leader
6. Team BROvado (BMW E30) - 198 Laps

With the Miagra not starting, that puts the surprise DB Cooper Saloon MX-6 in a potential podium position, which would be a terrific result for the four-cylinder coupe.

Team BROvado holds the position of highest-ranked E30. The Pulp Friction squad suffered from fuel-related issues that put them out of the running late Saturday.

Defending ECR winners Back to the Past start the day in 10th place.

The race-within-a-race for the best finishing Fox Body is surprisingly close. The Lost in the Dark Ford Fairmont starts the day in 15th place with the Smokin' Brakes Ford Mustang just one position and three laps behind.

CLASS B (End of Saturday)

1. TGTW Offroad Racing A (Jeep Cherokee), 198 Laps
2. Mostly Harmless Racing (Mercury Capri), 197 Laps
3. Team JB Weld Lemon Cab Co. (Pontiac Grand Prix), 195 Laps
4. Tetanus Racing (Dodge Neon), 190 Laps
5. Geezer Escort Service (Ford Escort), 186 Laps

Four of Class B's Top Five are not surprising. Mostly Harmless' Capri has been very quick and could potentially run down TGTW's Jeep over the race's remaining five hours.

The JB Weld Grand Prix may be the surprise of the race, however. The heavy heap has held off ECR's brake demons to run in the overall Top 10 and sits right in the middle of the Class B hunt.

Tetanus Racing and the Geezer Escort lurk in the Class B shadows if any of the closely grouped frontrunners stumble.

Class C (End of Saturday)

1. TGTW Offroad Racing B (Jeep Comanche) - 165 Laps
2. Team Gravy Racing (Porsche 914) - 155 Laps
3. Speedy Monzales (Chevy Monza) - 140 Laps
4. Tetanus Racing B/NSF Racing (Plymouth Aries) - 108 Laps
5. Escape Velocity Racing (Dodge Dart) - 26 Laps

Clearly, our Class C predictions went awry. Maybe it's the curse of the written word, who knows? The Ratsun and Escape Velocity cars have combined for 45 laps between them and the K-Car grenaded a motor on practice day. They managed to swap a new one in and race for at least some of Saturday, completing 108 Laps.

Team Gravy Racing took offense to us calling them "longshots" and have positioned their Porsche 914 just 10 laps behind the dominant TGTW squad.

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