Saturday, April 13, 2013

March Crapness: Your Internet Crapcan Grandmaster Nonpareil

The dust has settled after a see-saw final that saw one team ahead by as many as 60 votes before the opposition rallied back to tie it. After such prolonged and determined efforts, it's difficult to crown just one team the Internet Crapcan Grandmaster Nonpareil.

But when time ran out on the poll, Three Pedal Mafia edged out NSF Racing by just a single vote, 276-275.

Congratulations, Three Pedal Mafia! You are the Internet Crapcan Grandmaster(s) Nonpareil. Relish your title and brag of it often.

Look for a more complete wrap-up Monday and we can't thank enough anyone who voted, posted a link or relentlessly hounded every person they knew to visit our silly blog and vote in this silly poll so that they could be awarded a silly title.

March Crapness has exceeded our expectations by several orders of magnitude and we couldn't be happier that it culminated with a fierce Internet battle between two great teams.

1 comment:

  1. Woot! Great team, and they had to go up against some really really cool folks to make it this far. I hope Tetanus doesn't hate me. Tetanus is a great crew of folks, a blast to pit with and a pleasure to race with. MetroGnome is another group of friends as well as NSF.

    Thanks for the distraction from my year of not racing!