Thursday, April 11, 2013

March Crapness: Third Place (April 11)

Here's a quick turnaround for the consolation match, which will give a very special title that we will definitely not make up on the spot for the winner and be worth its weight in Internet gold.

We stop counting votes at 10 a.m. EST tomorrow.

Please note that there will be a short turnaround for the third-place matchup, during which we will bestow some other whimsical-but-not-quite-as-awesome title upon its winner.

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[Extra-special thanks to Murilee Martin for assisting with many of the photos. All photos as credited.]

The Cannonball Bandits (1) vs. Killer ZomBee (8)

The Cannonball Bandits -Toyota Supra, Toyota Corolla FX16

The Cannonball Bandits bring a sense of well-planned absurdity and a refreshing disregard for political correctness to racing. They're also reasonably fast on the track, but have typically finished mid-pack. (Murilee Martin photo)

In their latest incarnation, the Bandits raise money for charity with their Rockstar Toyota Supra while hanging out scantily clad in the paddock area (At your own risk, see an example here.). It's a sight to behold, but the four-time Organizer's Choice winners have exhibited a great spirit for excellent themes, from the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile replica to a tribute to Tiger Woods' fidelity issues to the border-crashing Canadian-trafficking "box truck" and complementary Border Patrol car. This team's passion for ridiculousness may be unparalleled in the crapcan world.
Resume: A well-earned reputation for turning LeMons into a circus
First Round: def.Eyesore Racing 106-61
Second Round: def. Team Sensory Assault 105-2
Sweaty Sixteen: def. Team -Ing With Bad Ideas 162-141 
Effluent Eight: def. Cerveza Racing 84-38 
Flailing Four: lost to Three Pedal Mafia 193-201

Killer ZomBee -MG MGB

The ZomBee really does resemble the undead from certain angles. Many have tried to campaign British metal in crapcan racing, but none have succeeded in the way that Pete Peterson has. (Murilee Martin photo)

What can you say about Pete Peterson's weary old MGB? It famously flipped but was rescued by Peterson's magic hammer and has since gone on to win Index of Effluency and Class C at separate races. His ZomBee also earned the 2011 Hooniverse Car of the Year award. The best part is...well, there are a lot of best parts: The car is Peterson's daily driver, the motor is borrowed, its tow/pit support vehicle is a crappy RV named Brownie, Peterson has driven the MG more than 900 miles to race it and--perhaps most frighteningly--it's a British car that runs most of the time.

Resume: LeMons - 1 Index of Effluency, 1 Class C Win, 2011 Hooniverse Car of the Year, Peterson's daily driver
First Round: def. Team Operation 58-3
Second Round: def. Keystone Kops 104-76 
Sweaty Sixteen: def. Tunachuckers 166-43 
Effluent Eight: def. Schumacher Taxi Service 69-23 
Flailing Four: lost to NSF Racing 131-150

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