Sunday, March 17, 2013

March Crapness: Behold the Bracket!

Well, the 24 Hours of LeMons and ChumpCar World Series weekends are winding down at Carolina Motorsports Park and Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, respectively, so we feel it's a good time to bring you a shrubbery the MARCH CRAPNESS BRACKET!

Before we do, we just want to reiterate a couple of points:

- While we selected the teams in the tournament from throughout crapcan racing's short history, the seeds were all drawn randomly using

- The first matchups begin Tuesday with the play-in round. The posts will go live around 1 p.m. EST each day. Voting will conclude the next day around 10 a.m. EST, which gives you 21 hours to cast your votes each day.

- Voting results will be updated on the March Crapness tab at the top of our page as soon as we can post them. This tab will also contain the full schedule and a bracket that is updated as often as possible.

- We'll have links to all of this from our Facebook page and Twitter accounts. Use the hashtag #crapness to spread the word.

Now, we'll shut up and let you look at THE BRACKET:

(Click here for an embiggen-able version in Picasa.)

Here is the schedule:

March 19, Play-In Rounds:
Looney Tunes vs. POS Racing
Exhibition of Slow vs. Eyesore Racing
TSR vs. Sputnik
Krider Racing vs. Mid-Drive Crisis

March 20, Round 1:
Marvin the Martian vs. Team Lemonaid
Skid Marks Racing vs. Team -Ing With Bad Ideas
Duct Tape Motorsports vs. Model T GT
Formula Roadster vs.

March 21, Round 1:
Team Tinyvette vs. Stick Figure Racing
BoomPowSurprise vs. Angry Hamsters
Launcha Splatos vs. Mopar 4 Life
Tunachuckers vs. Team Infiniti

March 22, Round 1:
Speedycop and His Gang of Outlaws vs. Tetanus Racing
Team Bear Patrol vs. Rolling Chicane Limo Service/LeMons Demolition/Chris Overzet
Nutjob Racing vs. NSF Racing
Red Rocket Ratnest Revival/SHOTime vs. Latch-Key Kids

March 23, Round 1:
Blitzen Benz vs. Geo Metro Gnome
Spank vs. Tubby Butterman Racing
MR2 Biohazard vs. Jacky Ickx GT30
Schumacher Taxi Service vs. Ferdinandwertschätzungsgesellschaft

March 24, Round 1:
Time Travelers of Doom vs. Three-Pedal Mafia
Ghetto Motorsports vs. Bust-A-Nut
Rally Baby Racing vs. The Eh! Team
Hong Norrth vs. MealTime Racing

March 25, Round 1: 
Simon Says vs. Bucksnort Racing
Race Hard Race Ugly vs. Cerveza Racing
Eggboy Racing vs. British American Racing
Crushed Red Pepper vs. Rust in the Wind

March 26, Round 1: 
Morrow's Racing vs. Tiger's Wood PGA/Anti-EPA Racing
Team Sensory Assault vs. Squirrels of Fury
Z-Wrecks vs. California Mille
Killer ZomBee vs. Team Operation

March 27, Round 1: 
Anton Lovett vs. Play-In Winner
The Cannonball Bandits vs. Play-In Winner
Team Petty Cash vs. Play-In Winner
Keystone Kops vs. Play-In Winner

March 28, Round 2:
TBA (4 matchups)

March 29, Round 2:
TBA (4 matchups)

March 30, Round 2:
TBA (4 matchups)

March 31, Round 2:
TBA (4 matchups)

April 1, Sweaty Sixteen:
TBA (4 matchups)

April 2, Sweaty Sixteen:
TBA (4 matchups)

April 3, Effluent Eight:
TBA (2 matchups)

April 4, Effluent Eight:
TBA (2 matchups)

April 5, Flailing Four:
TBA (1 matchup)

April 6, Flailing Four:
TBA (1 matchup)

April 7, Third Place:

April 8, March Crapness Championship: