Friday, February 15, 2013

Shameless plug: Help my sister go bald

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, so we hope you had a pleasant day and did something sweet for your significant other, yourself and/or your car. We thought today might be a good day to give you the chance to do something sweet for some children who face bigger challenges than most of us will ever run up against.

My sister Amy has generously decided to participate in the St. Baldrick's Foundation event, in which participants raise money toward fighting childhood cancer. The fundraising culminates March 15 at Fado Irish Pub in Chicago, where the participants have their heads shaved as an act of solidarity with children who don't choose to lose their hair. We find the premise awesome and it's easy to say that participants are brave for taking part.

We know you scrimp and save to be able to go racing, but if you can spare it, send a dollar or five her way to help her reach her goal of $1,500. You can donate money to her campaign here.

If you're the entrepreneurial type, my family have provided two more avenues for donating:

- My wife, Jenny Meyer-Rood, sells Mary Kay. If you are a woman, know a woman or just like to feel pretty while you wrench on your rustbucket, know that Jenny will donate $5 for every Nourishine lip gloss she sells through the end of February. See her Facebook page, visit her online store or send an email to for details or questions.

- My brother, Phil Rood, is an illustrator of some repute to the crapcan community, having designed logos for both Team Resignation and Team Skid Steer (not to mention the most-excellent Nixon stencil, loosely based on the Thrush Mufflers logo). For fundraising, Phil is selling some fantastic original illustrations of bald fairy-tale characters fighting back. Get more information on his works for sale from his blog or his online store. He also has a Facebook page and you can find him on Twitter @philrood.

Happy donating and thanks for reading!

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