Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Ten Best Cars Never Featured in a Video Game: Our Take

On Tuesday, Jalopnik asked what the best cars never featured in a video game were. And guess what? The answers turned out to be a bunch of supercars, the six-wheeled Tyrell, some other crap we don't care about and an admittedly awesome boxy-era Subaru.

How has the Alfa Romeo GTV6 never been in Forza? The sound modeling alone would be worth it. (The Rusty Hub photo)

Unfortunately, Jalopnik and its readers misinterpreted the phrase "Best" to mean "actual best," whereas we interpreted "Best" [correctly, we think] to mean "Cars that normal people think are crap but we know are totally awesome." I suppose that's why we have this blog.

We actually don't play a whole lot of racing games and the most modern gaming system we have is an original Xbox. And we play Gran Turismo 2 still. A lot. Where else can you race a Subaru SVX? Or a Vector W8?

Anyway, here are The Rusty Hub's picks for cars we'd love to see in racing games:

(10) Nissan Sentra SE-R (B13), 200SX, NX2000
(9) Ford Probe GT, Mazda MX-6
(8) Dodge Shadow
(7) Rover 3500
(6) Subaru BRAT
(5) Oldsmobile Achieva (Quad 4)
(4) Ford Mustang SVO, Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe, Mercury Cougar XR7
(3) Mazda MX-3
(2) Ford Taurus SHO (First- and Second-Generation)
(1) Alfa Romeo GTV6

What car(s) would you sling around a digital race track?


  1. I would say a cutlass ciera, but its not eligible since it was in one of the grand theft auto games, but citation x-11 and an AMC Eagle SX4 and a racing game really should have a crown vic p51 for playing cops and robbers.

    Also since this is for Forza horizon they need to make some of the vehicles they have driving around for players like the econoline van.

  2. So how many people do we need to visit the Rusty Hub until you get to pick a Forza Car Pack?

  3. Probably just a couple more, right? This post is rapidly approaching 100 views so that holds some sway, I'm pretty sure.

    An old '80s/early '90s SCCA IT pack would even be pretty sweet and would have the X-11, Achieva, Fiesta, B13 SE-R and so forth in it.

    If I knew anything about programming, I'd totally write a sweet text-based crapcan RPG. Maybe I can crowdsource that on the LeMons and Chump forums.

  4. A Mercedes-Benz C111 See it:

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