Wednesday, January 23, 2013

CrapTunes: "Sludgefeast" by Dinosaur Jr.

Sometimes, you just have to tell people what music you're using to deafen yourself.

We enjoy many things about Dinosaur Jr., including but not limited to

(1) J. Mascis' flowing white locks.
(2) J. Mascis' ability to make interviews super-awkward.
(3) a wall of Marshall amplifiers that is definitely not for show.
(4) Murph wailing on the drums.
(5) Lou Barlow being kind of neat sometimes, I guess.
(6) Jaguars and Jazzmasters, two of the most awesomest guitars.
(7) this song in its entirety, which will be the inevitable theme song for the 12 Hour Sludgefeast of Sebrings, a race that will ideally consist of 200 or so very sad men cursing at, crying about or laughing at the Chrysler LH's alleged oil sludge issues and the winner clocking about 40 laps.

Until the 12 Hours of Sebrings idea comes to fruition, enjoy an aural "Sludgefeast" instead.

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