Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Craigslist Literary Find: 1994 Wu Tang Special

(Thanks to 24 Hours of LeMons forum user 'Cheseroo' for this).

A CraigsList ad, presented without editing or comment:

"Enter the Wu - 94 Miata WuMissle

Ayo whattup the drift world is full of wishwash S13s nahmean. Imma jus get right to it:

94 Miata (dropped same year as 6 Feet Deep)
5spds, so you choose
springs cut with Shaolin steel
no muffler, so swarm
diff welded with words
new timing belt, water pump
recently blessed

I aint gonna front shits real bouncy son, best part is it bangs but it aint dickridin nobody else style namsayin. But check it shit looks like Ish from WCC got the interior on. Runs like Tunechi when he see a dick swingin near. Drop $1800 gotta update the kitchen. May trade for a motherfuckin Ruckus.
  • Location: 36 chambers (Tampa, FL)"

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