Monday, September 24, 2012

Editorial Assistants! Updates! Champ/Chump-ionships

Our editorial assistants slack like few others can slack.

We're back...sort of. The past few weeks have been spend training our newest editorial assistant on our production process, but she's been slow to take. She prefers to eat and sleep all day and who can blame her? Poor management breeds lazy workers.

Anyway, the time-intensive interviews we've conducted in the past are probably a few weeks away from a return, but they will hopefully be back and more better. More to come on that at a later date.

In the meantime, here are a few quick items from last weekend's crapcan races:

* Central Region superstars Tubby Butterman Racing won the ChumpCar World Series Central Division Chumpionship at Heartland Park Topeka. Their victory came after a long duel with the veteran Chump Faces BMW E30, who crossed the stripe just 36 seconds behind Tubby's venerable BMW E36. See the full results here.

* The ChumpCar race at Sebring International Raceway belonged to Flatout Racing, who finished with a commanding six-lap lead. The second-place finisher, 4 Half Men Racing, finished just eight seconds ahead of third-place team SRI Racing Iron Lemon 2. Results are posted here.

* Hong Norrth's "B" Mazda MX-3 took its first win at the 24 Hours of LeMons race at Carolina Motorsports Park. The team's "A" car also finished second. The one-two finish should secure them the Southern Region Championship after the team finished two-three at the region's only other race this season. In Hong Norrth's last seven races, the team has logged an astonishing six outright victories and nine podiums, rendering them the Audi Sport Team Joest of LeMons. By our count, that result gives Hong Norrth 36 points and the lead in the National Championship, five points ahead of California's Cerveza Racing (See next point). Read about the rest of the CMP winners here, including another legendary performance from NSF Racing.

* Finally, if you want to see our compilation of the Unofficial and Incomplete LeMons regional and national championship standings, we've put that together in a Google spreadsheet. We haven't put in the results from CMP yet, but they will be posted as soon as MyLaps is updated. You can see them here.

There's another item of interest brewing, but we can't divulge yet. As soon as some details are ironed out, we'll have a big announcement for our dear readers.

We'll be posting periodically on our Twitter and Facebook pages about assorted goings-on in the crapcan world and we'll have the periodic blog post for you, as well.


  1. I thought sleeping all day and eating was your production process?

  2. That's the managing style. The assistants are supposed to be doing all our work.