Friday, June 1, 2012

WEEKLY QUESTION: Varying viscosity edition

This rusted-out Alfa Romeo Berlina, if we remember the story right, came from a field in Texas. A group of Alfa enthusiasts run it in the Midwest, where it has a couple of Top 10 finishes in the 24 Hours of LeMons. (Murilee Martin photo)

We kept last week's question simple by asking where you found your crapcan. The overwhelming majority (84 percent) of you are like us at The Rusty Hub: addicted to classifieds. This is hardly surprising; the non-crapcan minded view Craigslist as the place to unload their junk. And you, the crapcan racer, liberate it and set it free (by throttling it to its last gasps and sometimes beyond).

The remainder of our poll voters found their fail-pile from someone who knew someone who knew someone get the idea. All it takes is an acquaintance or coworker who's heard of a rusting heap in the far corner of their uncle's dog breeder's neighbor's back forty and 16 percent of you showed up with a trailer, cash in hand, and a barely suppressed grin at the deal you'd just gotten.


This week, we take a look at what keeps your engine ticking. Or knocking, such is the case. One of the key tenets to any good engine maintenance is changing the oil. Like many other aspects of crapcan racing, we've heard a lot of teams take different approaches toward this regular maintenance. So we'll ask you, the reader:

What kind of motor oil do you use in your crapcan?

Look to the top of the right-hand column for the choices and pick that one that suits your crapcan. Or lie about it. It's the Internet; people don't really tell the truth, do they? I guess that's a question for another week.