Monday, June 4, 2012

Movie Monday: One for the little guy

Movie Monday demonstrates that it's not what you drive, it's who drives it and how.

This video comes from recent race winners Duct Tape Motorsports (DTM), who took their four-cylinder E30 coupe to a Porsche Club track day at New Jersey Motorsports Park. In case that doesn't hit home, the first thing you'll notice in this video at the 0:25 mark is that we're not in Kansas crapcan racing anymore when a Porsche 911 GT3 eases past the DTM car.

The DTM E30 (not to be confused with the DTM E30) then passes several polite if perhaps shocked Porsche owners out to play with their nice things on a sunny day.

More than anything, this is a credit to the Duct Tape driver, who clearly knows his way around a track and also knows his car's limits. One could argue the Porsche drivers are perhaps a bit reticent to push their supercars--many of which are probably driven daily--the way the DTM driver pushes his crapcan. But that spoils the fun of watching a $500 heap hack its way through a field of what are essentially refined road-going race cars from Stuttgart.

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