Monday, June 18, 2012

Movie Monday: It slices and it dices!

One of the best parts of the varying car speeds and driver skill levels present in crapcan racing is that most drivers have someone else in the field with whom they are a good match. One cannot say, however, that it's a given that you and your nemesis are on track at the same time. But the video after the jumps shows what can happen when you do find that nemesis.

This video--taken at the Feburary 2012 ChumpCar World Series race at Road Atlanta--demonstrates that even if it is not a duel for position, an on-track battle can still be intense. The camera car in this case is the #33 GrabYerJunk Racing Nissan Sentra.

From the outset, the driver makes a nice pass on the #81 Turn 1 Trailer Trash Mazda Miata as they cross the start/finish stripe. From there, the two cars' dice escalates into a skirmish and eventually into an all-out (friendly) war. Very rarely is the #81 Miata out of the camera car's line of sight; if it isn't just a few years ahead, it's a few yards behind in the rearview mirror.

Many of the passes are textbook lessons in using slower traffic to set picks. The video runs on the longer side for one of our Movie Monday features, but we think it's well worth your time to watch it in full.

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