Monday, June 25, 2012

Movie Monday: The Ghost of LeMons Past

Today, we go far back into the past (five years) to the age when the 24 Hours of LeMons was typically a free-for-all, body damage was part of the prize for finishing (or not finishing), and the tracks were not for the faint of heart.

This is in-car footage from the infamous Blue Goose Honda CRX at the claustrophobic and inisidious Altamont Raceway infield course at the 2007 race there. The claustrophobic nature of it stems from the fact that 80 cars were shoved onto it, but that's what makes this video so entertaining to watch. There's simply no such thing as a having one car in a corner, let alone getting a clear lap.

The action starts furiously and within two laps, the Blue Goose's front bumper is dragging and making a horrible racket (and probably an impressive sparkler display), thereby making this video difficult to watch with the volume turned up even remotely loud. By lap four, cars are taking turns four-wide, several have spun, and the Goose takes a mighty wallop on its side. Somehow, the car kept on turning laps at this race, as YouTube uploader "jeffersonraley" writes in the description:

"The car is a 1985 Honda CRX with about 70 horsepower at the start of the race, and probably half that by the end! We knocked a hole in the oil pan, scoured the cylinder walls with desert dust, and almost flipped twice! We also lost both bumpers multiple times and ran 75% of the race with our front radiator as the bumper.

We ran the entire race and ended up 8th."

The Blue Goose CRX was once described by Murilee Martin/Judge Phil Greden as "one of the most terrible LeMons cars of all time." This is not a charge to be taken lightly, mind you, but the CRX has changed hands many times and typically had the same terrible results.

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