Friday, June 1, 2012

Craigslist Literary Find: Uncle for sale or something

This find comes to us from the northernmost regions of Wisconsin, just a stone's throw from Duluth. Like our first Craigslist Literary Find post, this one reads as some sort of manic poetry:

1968 ford XL conv parts car (Iron river)

"Im listing this add for my uncle, he didnt write down a price for it
dont email me asking I have no clue just call.

1968 Ford XL Conv Parts car Lots of Rust Has 9" posie trac
702 858 XXXX"

The poster's ambivalence and frustration with his or her relative are palpable. In the first line, the seller makes it clear that he or she knows nothing about the car, even down to price. The second line expounds on this frustration and we see the poster just wants to wash his or her hands of the matter.

We are given the token bit of information on the car--a Ford Galaxie XL that has seen better days--and the last line-simply a phone number--emphasises the "I have no clue just call" message.

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