Friday, May 25, 2012


The Go Green Honda CRX team made a classic rookie mistake at Stafford Springs in 2008 by not bringing a tent to camp in. (Murilee Martin photo)
Last week, we asked how many crapcan races our readers have driven in. Those who have driven in seven or more had a slight edge, but it suffices to say that our readership have varied experience on the crapcan circuit. Here's how the numbers break down:

7 or more: 25%
1: 20%
2-3: 20%
Stopped counting, fuzzy memory: 20%
4-6: 10%
None yet: 5%

Luckily, no one checked the box to indicate that they stumbled onto the site because they thought the blog's title was some depraved euphemism. Or at least no one would admit it.


Crapcans, like crapcan racers, come from varied backgrounds. So we'll keep it simple again and ask another very basic question about your crapcan's background:

How did you come across your crapcan?

Look to the top of the right-hand column for the choices and click the appropriate one. If you've got a good story about how you obtained your crapcan, feel free to write it up in the comments section.

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