Monday, May 21, 2012

Movie Monday: Wizardry at the wheel

Today's Movie Monday is a two-for-one special, in which you get two views of the same incident.

We'll start with the view on board the Porch Racing Porsche 944 at the 24 Hours of LeMons Race at Infineon Raceway. The Porsche is chasing the Crash Test Zombies' Mazda RX-7, which is itself running down a Fiero in the esses.

In the transition from one left-hander to a right turn, the Fiero spins--as Fieros have been known to do-- and taps the RX-7 on the right-rear. The Porsche is also nearly collected as the Fiero overcorrects, but a second bit of contact is narrowly avoided. Meanwhile, the Crash Test Zombie has rowed at the wheel furiously to keep his RX-7 going the right direction. The Porsche driver motions to the RX-7, but it's unclear what he's saying.

Now watch from inside the RX-7:

Enjoy the driver's well-earned whoops of victory. And, as he pulls into the pits, the viewer finds out what the Porsche driver had been gesturing about.
"Magic Hands," indeed.

Of course, the Crash Test Zombies would later be penalized for running 100-treadwear tires at the same race, but The Rusty Hub doesn't hold it against them.

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