Monday, May 14, 2012

Movie Monday: A beautiful thing

It's Monday, so let's watch a movie.

My crapcan addiction rehab sponsor Alan Cesar recently participated in Brock Yates' One Lap of America, venturing to tracks all over the middle of the country. I looked forward to his regular Tumblr posts about the assorted goings on and--like most social media posts--I read them, enjoyed them for a few seconds, and moved on.

But one five-word post stopped me in my daily rush for several minutes: "Hallett is a beautiful track." I could describe the accompanying photo, but a few thousand words won't do it justice. So here's the photo.

On a late-summer weekend in 2010, ChumpCar World Series held a 24-hour event at the lushly landscaped Oklahoma circuit. Those lucky few at the race witnessed the track's full splendor with the sun setting over the very trees that Alan photographed. The long shadows and orange hues converge to paint a stunning high-speed canvas. It's a gorgeous scene, and you'll be happy to see it captured by the in-car camera of the #28 Bare Metal Racing Nissan Sentra SE-R from South Dakota, who went on to finish second in the race.

It's one of those wonderfully contrasting moments: a few cars making more noise than speed at a gorgeous moment in a beautiful place. Call us soft here at The Rusty Hub, but this is one of those moments that makes this whole endurance racing stuff worthwhile.

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  1. Logan came in as I watched this and thought it was cool that they were driving like that on the road, and I explained that it is a track... He, like me, leans towards the road coarse as more interesting racing