Saturday, May 5, 2012

Loudon Annoying Class Leaders, Day 1

Here's a quick listing of the 24 Hours of LeMons standings after eight hours of racing at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, as collected from Race Monitor at the checkered flag:

1.  #106 Bill Danger and the Road Hazzards (Class B)
2. #508 Masshole (Class B)
3. #240 Keystone Kops
4. #69 Team Apres Ski Racing
5. #15 Booby Prize Racing
6. #300 Rust in the Wind (Class B)
7. #61 Cranky Amish Mommas
8. #35 Roger's Failbird
9. #84 Walk of Shame Racing
10.  #262 Vermont Maple Runners (Class B)

1. #106 Bill Danger and the Road Hazzards
2. #508 Masshols
3. #300 Rust in the Wind
4. #262 Vermont Maple Runner
5. #11 Boxy But Good

1.  #917 PunisherGP
2. #411 Mid Life Crisis Racing Team 1
3. #131 Scuderia Regurgito
4. #85 Rusty Tear Racing
5. #405 PunisherGP

As The Rusty Hub is reporting from the Midwest and is not at the track, there's not much else for us to report. If you're at the track, feel free to add details in the Comments section.

One item of note: Jeff Bloch, aka Speedycop, brought a Suzuki X-90 themed as a pop-up camper and the video of it on track is extremely surreal. This rivals the backwards truck as perhaps the most bizarre LeMons creation. And that's not a statement The Rusty Hub makes lightly.

Check here a better update from Judge Phil and check back tomorrow for more updates from The Rusty Hub.

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