Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Craigslist Literary Finds: 1962 Fairlane 2-Door ROLLER Lots of Parts!! - $650 (Arlington)

Ninety percent of the non-running cars on CraigsList seem to be GM F-bodies or Mustangs. So today's find from Dallas is a breath of fresh air: [Editor's Note: Listing has since been deleted, but the post is quoted in its entirety, minus pictures.]

1962 Fairlane 2-Door ROLLER Lots of Parts!! - $650 (Arlington)

"1962 Ford Fairlane ROLLER. Was going to build race car changed my mind. Car does not have a Title. I will provide Bill of Sale. Body is near PERFECT w/zero rust. I have all the lights and most of the chrome. Car DOES NOT RUN you will need a trailer to tow it off.(817)420-XXXX."

The poster lays out the car's state very clearly: What's there is good, but something changed his or her mind about the intent to "build race car." Was the work too involved? Did the money not parse out for the project as he or she hoped? Did a pack of wild armadillos ransack the garage, taking all the worthwhile tools and rendering the owner hopeless?

We, the readers, will likely never know, but we can almost certainly identify the text's fatalism: The writer expresses no evident frustration; he or she long ago accepted the fact that, for one cruel reason or another, this '62 Fairlane is simply not in the cards.

The poster has since removed the ad, leading the reader to wonder if the baton has been passed or if the owner recanted with the hope of reversing fate.

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